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Process Engineering

Behind every great product, there’s a well-designed process. In fact, process technology is a common denominator in many of O’Neal’s projects, most of which have rigorous requirements for high purity processing, containment, hygienic design, contamination control, product quality assurance and/or regulatory compliance.

Process is paramount. O’Neal enjoys a reputation for strong chemical engineering capabilities, process technology expertise, and applied process design services. We have the ability to deliver conceptual design and front-end engineering, as well as detailed design of process equipment, piping systems, and plant utilities. Our core competencies are a particularly good fit for applications involving batch chemical unit operations, bulk fluid or powder processing, bioprocessing, or filling and packaging lines.

Engineering solutions for life. In addition to our team’s process design capabilities, O’Neal provides process consulting, engineering assessment, plant optimization, equipment design, risk evaluation, and troubleshooting services for existing process facilities. Supporting plant startups, O’Neal also offers commissioning and verification services for process systems.

Design Capabilities

  • Plant Design
  • Mass/Energy Balances
  • PFD/P&ID Development
  • Line List & Tie-ins
  • Equipment Lists, Datasheets
  • Equipment Specification
  • Process Systems Design
  • Facility Programming
  • Process Simulation
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Optimization/Debottlenecking
  • Troubleshooting/Remediation
  • Plant renovation/retrofit
  • Process Automation
  • Process Piping
  • Field Surveys
  • Technology Transfer
  • cGMP compliance

Technology Expertise

  • Pharmaceutical, Bulk API/OSD
  • Bioprocess, Cell Culture / Fermentation
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Food/Dairy/Beverage Processing
  • Containment, Potent Compound / Biohazards
  • Bulk Fluids/Solids Handling
  • Mixing/Milling/Blending
  • Recovery & Purification
  • Lyophilization / Freeze Drying
  • Formulation / Fill Finish
  • Material Handling & Packaging
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • CIP/SIP Technology
  • Single-Use, Disposables
  • Aseptic & Sterile Processing
  • cGMP Process Equipment
  • Hygienic/Sanitary Piping
  • Process Utilities
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