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cGMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Renovation

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Launches Fast Track Product

Deliverables: Engineering Package, Construction Design

A leader in advanced technology and cleanroom construction, this client needed help with a fast track project for a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The project scope focused on the transformation of a shell space in an existing facility into new cleanroom manufacturing facility for a newly FDA-approved product. O’Neal had collaborated with the construction company previously, which turned out to be a huge asset. Having a solid relationship built on trust, O’Neal was able to smoothly interact with their client.

O’Neal developed a comprehensive design including two new rooftop air units to provide conditioned make-up air for the new space. A new air-cooled chiller plant needed to be installed; new plumbing fixtures and piping were designed to connect new drains to the existing sanitary system; distribution piping for cold and hot water, compressed air, and tepid water systems were included; and electrical fixture designs were developed using new sealed clean room lighting and power distribution panels.

O’Neal’s delivery of architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical designs met the client’s needs for an on-time project delivery with a very challenging construction schedule. In the words of the client, “O’Neal asked the right questions during pre-construction and was timely in putting together a fast-track project design.”

Unexpected Issue: Midstream in the project, new client-supplied production equipment arrived, which turned out to be larger than originally anticipated. The O’Neal team had to swiftly adjust design specs, including HVAC, piping, and lighting to accommodate the size of the new manufacturing equipment. Working within the compact ceiling cavity, the mechanical ductwork distribution, piping and associated terminal coils had to not only take into account the new equipment, but also allow for maintenance access.

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