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Central Utilities Upgrade for Life Sciences Manufacturing Plant

New Chiller Installation to Meet Corporate Energy Saving Directives

Deliverables: Engineering Design, Construction Administration

A leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical drug administration systems and components, this client needed engineering design expertise for a new chiller system to satisfy a company directive to become more energy efficient. To help reduce the energy footprint, O’Neal recommended a new central system design along with new water-cooled chillers to replace old, inefficient ones. The facility had very limited expansion space, posing a unique design challenge. O’Neal’s engineering team devised the perfect solution—a compact multi-story chiller plant providing 1800 tons of cooling capacity.

O’Neal’s innovative chiller plant was designed as engineering design expertisea three-story facility. This accommodates three 600-ton chillers, as well as primary and secondary chilled water pumps on level one. The mezzanine houses the primary condenser water pumps, chemical treatment systems, and a new electrical transformer and switchboard. On the top level and above the roof, three 600-ton cooling towers reside on a platform, which is accessible to maintenance staff from a new stair tower. The design also incorporated a new central chilled water distribution loop throughout the manufacturing facility, supporting all existing cleanroom HVAC and providing expansion capacity for process cooling loads.

The result: improved chilled water capacity; increased reliability (through built-in redundancy); and superior energy efficiency in accordance with the client’s energy savings initiatives. The construction manager on the project commented that O’Neal “commits to a project regardless of distractions. The O’Neal team is very responsive—rarely taking more than half a day to return emails and phone calls.” 

Of Special Interest: In addition to the new design, the O’Neal team had to accommodate a no-shutdown mandate. To comply with this requirement, O’Neal designed a distribution system to provide phased system tie-ins to minimize the impact on operations during construction. This project received an “Award of Excellence” 1st place from the 2014 ABC Builder’s Council.

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