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Science and Technology

science and technology

Science and Technology facilities must meet the demanding needs of a constantly changing business environment. Laboratories, pilot plants and process development areas need to foster creativity and innovation, while providing flexibility and versatility for future needs. O’Neal collaborates with all stakeholders to create cost-effective engineering solutions to meet current requirements and anticipate the future.

O’Neal provides project planning, engineering, and design services for laboratories in life sciences, industrial and institutional settings. Research space should be designed to meet the unique needs of your organization, as well as foster team‐based interaction and collaborative research. Laboratories need to be flexible to accommodate sharing of resources and alternate uses, as well as leverage technology for mobile workstations and provide access to electronic communication systems. In addition, labs often require special provision for safe handling of solvents or toxic substances, or pilot‐scale equipment for process development studies.

Regardless of the requirements, O’Neal delivers engineering solutions that facilitate the development of advanced technology and enable its transition from concept to market.  For unparalleled science and technology lab design capabilities choose O’Neal.

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