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Legacy Facility Renovation / Expansion

Optimal manufacturing demands an up-to-date, adequately sized facility. If you’re “making do” with a legacy facility, it’s time to make changes. O’Neal knows how. Our experienced engineers can guide you through the renovations or expansions you need to succeed in today’s market.

Optimize your plant—and your opportunities. Legacy Facility Renovation ExpansionModern manufacturing technologies can bring increased efficiency, flexibility and throughput—key advantages that can give you a competitive edge. But that’s easier said than done if your facility can’t keep up. Our experienced process engineers will carefully analyze your operation, identifying the most effective means of refitting and repurposing your existing infrastructure. Whether you’re looking at a manufacturing facility renovation, an expansion, a product changeover, improving quality or other project goal, O’Neal has the expertise to develop the optimum design approach.

Compliance is key. Modernizing your plant is not only a smart investment; it may very well be a mandatory one. A facility that may have been top-of-the-line just a decade ago might not even be compliant by today’s regulatory standards. O’Neal will work with you to analyze your functional requirements, equipment needs and operational changes and collaborate with you to create a facility that not only meets today’s regulatory and safety parameters, but is also well positioned to accommodate future growth and changes.

No need to go it alone. O’Neal has been down this road dozens of times. Take advantage of our experience successfully optimizing and modernizing manufacturing sites throughout North America. The depth and breadth of our engineering expertise in manufacturing processes will prove invaluable when assessing your facility, leveraging your assets, and developing the master plan to guide its transformation. Your facility already represents a significant investment in capital; we’ll help you keep it working hard well into the future.

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