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Facility Focus

O’Neal Facility Focus—It’s Time For Dialog

New Challenges Require a Different Mindset

O’Neal is looking ahead to our 5th Annual Facility Focus program at INTERPHEX 2021. From its beginning, Facility Focus was designed to create a dialog within the industry regarding how we are going to meet the new challenges for practical facility designs.

For 2021, O’Neal will be hosting two programs:

  •  Facility Design for cGMP Cell and Gene Therapy

  • Wednesday, October 20, 10:15-11.00, Stage 1. David Marks, Moderator

    Emerging technologies for cell and gene therapy are transforming the future of medicine and driving a rapid expansion of cGMP facilities for cell processing and vector production.  The manufacturing processes employed for autologous and allogenic therapies are diverse and have a significant impact on the facility program.  The regulatory impact on facility layout, environments, equipment and utilities impacts the entire facility delivery from concept to completion.  This year’s Facility Focus on cell & gene therapy will explore the latest trends and best practices in our industry.  Join our panel of industry experts to discuss the results of our latest nationwide survey to learn how industry leaders are approaching the design of cGMP facilities for this industry.

    Learning Objectives:      

         Learn how other manufacturers implement cell & gene therapy technology in new and legacy facilities.

Gain a better understanding of the trends shaping our industry; what’s driving change; how competitors are responding; and how others are turning problems into opportunities.

              Enhance your understanding of the impact of autologous and allogenic processes on facility programming.             

Learn how industry leaders are approaching the regulatory questions associated with cGMP cell & gene therapy manufacturing.

Develop an understanding of priorities and perspectives from across the industry.


  • GMP Facilities: Technology for Integrated Design & Construction 
  • Wednesday, October 20, 1:15-2:00.  Jason Jones, Moderator

Digital transformation is happening at varying rates in just about every industry.  There has been significant investment in recent years to improve productivity and project delivery through technology in the Engineering and Construction industry.  Still one of the biggest challenges is how we integrate the disparate technology used by various stakeholders to optimize efficiency, cost, and schedule for a GMP project.  Using lessons learned from years of project experience in GMP facilities, our panel discussion will explore strategies to implement digital technologies to create successful outcomes.  Join the discussion as we evaluate the results of our latest nationwide survey of GMP project professionals.

Learning Objectives:      

Learn how GMP manufacturers typically utilize digital technology to enhance project delivery.

Gain a better understanding of the unique challenges and risks associated with implementing new project technologies and how to maximize their benefit.

Explore best practices and tools used by industry leaders.

Enhance your understanding of how the latest advancement in technologies for project execution can be leveraged to improve project outcomes.

Our sessions will be built around data received from our industry wide surveys. 

What does Facility Focus provide for INTERPHEX Attendees?

  • A better understanding of the trends shaping our industry, what’s driving change, how competitors are responding and how others are turning problems into opportunities
  • Advice on how to approach the regulatory questions regarding compliance facilities and producing safer, higher quality products
  • An understanding of priorities across the industry—from manufacturers, regulatory authorizes, academia, and service providers


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